Social Involvement


Giving Back

We at Körner Perspective and KP Fiduciary Solutions see it as vital for us to give back to society.

While we see it necessary to give financially to a number of worthy causes, we also believe that we can make a far bigger difference by giving of our time, skills and energy and by being directly involved in projects and charitable causes.

Accordingly, we serve as trustees and advisors on a number of NPO boards, serving on steering committees on some NPOs and give time (mainly personal time) to a number of other worthwhile projects and causes.

We have commited to the following organisations and projects (click on the name – where possible – for more information):

The Clayoven Community in Fourways.

The Kathleen Bush Bell Foundation.

Blanket Drives for the homeless in winter

The Refilwe Community near Lanseria

Additionaly, we offer free and / or heavily discounted professional services to NPO’s and PBO’s, such as the establishment of NPO’s, professional advisory and professional trustee services.