About Us


Körner Perspective (Pty) Ltd (hereafter referred to as “KP”) is a Category 2 asset manager established in April 2010. KP has crafted a niche in offering truly tailored asset management solution for high to ultra-high net worth individuals and multi-generational wealth management.

KP also operates (via a majority shareholding in a separate entity called KP Fiduciary Solutions) a high touch, professional fiduciary services business, whose services include estate planning as well as tax advisory and estate administration.

About the Group and Körner Perspective

The combined group employs a team of seven people, most of whom hold extensive professional qualifications and we collectively have well over a hundred years of financial services experience. KP has assets under management and oversight of just under R 1 bn. (including the non-financial assets of entities we help to oversee). While all research and investment decisions are team based, Graeme Korner (the founder and shareholder) serves as both the key Individual and the principal portfolio manager.

Investment Philosophy and Core Beliefs

KP was built on the foundation of a strong (yet simple) investment philosophy and core beliefs. Our approach differs from that of the ‘typical approach’ of most money managers in several ways:

  • We consider the overall asset position of the family (e.g. fiduciary structures, unlisted equity, direct property) when constructing financial asset portfolios.
  • We take long-term views such as; focus our asset purchases on assets that will perform over time. Markets are quite frankly very unpredictable on the short term.
  • Assets must always suit the investment profile.
  • We question the traditional thinking on the role of diversification in producing investment returns.
  • We pay considerable attention to the price we pay for assets, and
  • We believe that “markets” (share prices etc.) are often mispriced. Therefore, we strongly resist the notion of rigidly applying model portfolios, or mechanical rebalancing.

Entrenched in the management process, is a fastidious focus on our core beliefs that creates KP’s DNA. These core beliefs are:

  • Understanding the needs and circumstances of the investor before doing anything.
  • Each client is unique, and their money management should reflect this.
  • To be diligent and disciplined in everything we do.
  • First get the big decisions right and then worry about the detail.
  • People pay us to apply our minds and make informed decisions.
  • Charge a reasonable price.
  • Be honest…do what is right not what is convenient.
  • Consistent long-term performance is more important than near term performance.
  • Have the courage but not the objective to be different.
  • Be more than what it says on the tin.
  • Have fun!