Portfolio Management



Körner Perspective’s portfolio management offering is differentiated based on:

The decision making responsibility, being:

  • On a full discretionary basis, or
  • On a limited discretionary basis, or
  • On an advisory (execution basis).

And on the scope of the investments, being:

  • Full, multi-asset portfolio (i.e. equity, property, bonds, cash and other), or
  • Asset specific (e.g. equity only), or
  • A blend of specific assets (e.g. equity and property).

We have seen how our flexible approach appeals to many multigenerational investors who see a (long-term) need to transfer portfolio management, but where this needs to be done gradually.



How We Manage Assets

Effective asset management starts with a clear understanding of the objectives. Also vital to this process is clearly communicating what the investment profile is likely to produce over time and, crucially, how we will set out to build and manage the asset portfolio.

Körner Perspective deliberately offers considerably more profiles than most wealth managers, as we see the three profile approach of most of the market as too narrow. We also recognise that the ultimate (long-term) profile may differ slightly from the current profile and that one should consider the impact of growth in equity and property on asset mix.

A basic tenet by which we manage money is the principle that assets (whether underlying or asset classes) should only be added when value is evident, and that one should never mechanically add every targeted asset class regardless of price.

While Körner Perspective is deliberately not very active in buying and selling, we do systematically and actively manage the assets to achieve the long-term objective of the identified.