Investment Philosophy


KP was built on the foundation of a strong (yet simple) investment philosophy and core beliefs. Our approach differs from that of the ‘typical approach’ of most money managers in several ways:

  • We consider the overall asset position of the family (e.g. fiduciary structures, unlisted equity, direct property) when constructing financial asset portfolios.
  • We take long-term views such as; focus our asset purchases on assets that will perform over time. Markets are quite frankly very unpredictable on the short term.
  • Assets must always suit the investment profile.
  • We question the traditional thinking on the role of diversification in producing investment returns.
  • We pay considerable attention to the price we pay for assets, and
  • We believe that “markets” (share prices etc.) are often mispriced. Therefore, we strongly resist the notion of rigidly applying model portfolios, or mechanical rebalancing.