Offshore Portfolio Services


A Global Portfolio Service

Körner Perspective developed a global portfolio service for wealthy investors as:

  • Many clients expressed great frustration with the remote and often diluted offshore offerings available to South African investors.
  • Most wealthy clients have a distinct preference for direct asset portfolios.
  • There are no real (e.g. Exchange control or access) barriers to SA residents building direct, global portfolios.
  • It makes logical sense to approach local and foreign asset management with a single, holistic view.
  • Foreign equities often compliment the local portfolio or offer access to sectors unavailable in SA (e.g. in true industrials or pharma).
  • It makes investment sense to diversify internationally.
  • Direct foreign equities offer a cost effective alternative to a fund based solution.
  • Access to foreign equities gives one a greater relative value universe.

Körner Perspective’s global portfolio offering aims to simply offer clients a simple, cost effective option to build a quality portfolio of select global equities (as an alternative to a fund based approach). We do not profess to be global equity specialists but rather aim to offer clients focused exposure to a selection of global leaders that offer a unique blend of cash flow (dividend yield), relative earnings visibility and reasonable growth prospects.

In short, we look to buy shares that are of really good quality (and largely defensive) that:

  • We would happily buy were they listed in South Africa, and/or
  • Offer access to sectors unavailable on the local market (e.g. pharma), and/or
  • Offer relative value when compared with the local market.